Services & facilities


Our NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility works closely with a wide range of local research facilities, to provide the services you need to conduct your research.

NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility

Our main facility provides a comfortable, safe environment for participating in clinical trials, located within University Hospital Southampton, one of the UK’s largest NHS teaching hospitals.

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Cancer research facilities

We are at the forefront of cancer research, working with the University of Southampton's Cancer Research UK Centre, Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) and Centre for Cancer Immunology. 


Antimicrobial research facilities

The Antimicrobial Resistance laboratory, located within University Hospital Southampton and run in partnership with University of Southampton, is our facility for research tackling the global health threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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Research support facilities

We work with a wide range of facilities at University Hospital Southampton and the University of Southampton, including specialised laboratories, biobanks and advisory services to provide the support you require to carry out your research.

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NIHR regional facilities

We work closely with National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) facilities in our region to collaborate with other relevant organisations in the local area and improve our research.

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NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre

The NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre takes new discoveries, treatments and technologies into the clinic, using unique tools, facilities and world-leading expertise across our five key research areas.

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