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We support commercial partners by providing the expertise and facilities to enable rapid translation of research into clinical practice.
We have an extensive track record of successful partnerships with commercial companies, from large multinational companies such as AstraZeneca to small UK SMEs such as SynairgenCellCentric Ltd, and PHARMExcel Ltd, amongst others.
In addition to our broad capabilities in high-quality complex trials, we hold specific expertise in experimental cancer medicine and antimicrobial research which has resulted in partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms including Bayer HealthcareGlaxosmithkline, Celgene Corporation, Janssen, and others. 
Industry partners can benefit from access to our internationally renowned clinicians and opinion leaders, use of our state of the art facilities and access to extensive patient cohorts and healthy volunteers. 
We have experienced teams available to work directly with the commercial sector, with dedicated project managers, research nurses and support staff who will support the development and delivery of your study.
Benefits include:

  • Access to specialist equipment including Southampton CRF has a range of highly specialised equipment in the facility to support the delivery of early phase translational and experimental medicine studies, including a well-equipped CRF Laboratory.  

    • The CRF studies also have access to a range of specialist equipment within the AMR, Mass Spec and WISH laboratories.  Specialised purpose built Endoscopy suite, Environmental Chambers for Respiratory studies which contain bespoke Environmental fume cabinets for adult and Paediatric participants.  

    • A dedicated Temperature and Humidity Controlled Room and Physiology Lab containing specialist stress test equipment. Specialist Ophthalmology equipment includes the latest ICG Retinal Camera, Optical Coherence Tomography System as well as retinal scanner and optical digital imaging systems.  

    • We also have a dedicated HDU and LDU bedded wards as well as a Paediatric ward area and treatment room.  

  • Strategic partnerships with organisations including the University of Southampton's Cancer Research UK Centre, Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) and Centre for Cancer Immunology.

  • Access to the Antimicrobial Resistance laboratory which is located nearby within University Hospital Southampton.

  • Support from specialised laboratories, biobanks and advisory services

Contact us for more information about how we can support your commercial research.

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