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CRF resources and facilities

Our facilities provide a comfortable, safe environment for participating in clinical trials, located within University Hospital Southampton, one of the UK’s largest NHS teaching hospitals. You can watch our virtual tour here.

The facility encompasses the following:

  • 4 bed High Dependency Bay

  • 4 bed Low Dependency Bay

  • Infusion suite

  • Humidity temperature controlled chamber

  • 12 Consulting rooms

  • 2  treatment rooms


Southampton CRF is also proud to have a dedicated paediatric area which comprises of:

  • Two multi-use in/outpatient cubicles, configured for sleep studies with EEG and cardiovascular monitoring

  • 2 Cot and  bed paediatric bay

  • Playroom

  • Paediatric treatment room


We also have Specialist facilities such as:

  • Environmental laboratory with three category II hoods, enabling safe sputum induction and nebulisation studies,

  • Dedicated paediatric environmental chamber and lung function equipment

  • A bronchoscopy suite, comprising two operating rooms, recovery area and preparation area with full negative-pressure and full adult and paediatric capability.

  • An air-conditioned physiology laboratory, with treadmill and cardio respiratory monitoring equipment. Additional physiological equipment includes exercise bikes and CPX arm-crank stations.

  • Micro CT Scanner

  • Ophthalmology equipment including slit lamps and retinal camera

  • Pulmonary function suite

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