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Partnering with the public to advance health and care research

People from across our communities are having their say on how we can improve the way we work with patients and the public.

Involving people in our clinical research is about more than asking them to take part in a trial or study. Volunteers also help to shape our clinical research activities. We call this Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE).

This includes working with researchers to shape what research is done, how it’s carried out and how the results are shared.

These people are often referred to as ‘public partners.’

Gathering insights

Our PPIE team organised a series of workshops this summer to explore co-producing research with the public.

Co-production is a way of working together in equal partnership and for equal benefit. This means people who can benefit from research should be involved in shaping it from the very start.

There was extremely high interest in the subject – with extra sessions required for everyone to have their say.

A report on the key outcomes will be shared with event attendees in the next few weeks.

Hear from people who were at the events in this blog.

Get involved

Opportunities to help shape our research are varied and will depend on your interests. If you would like to find out more, please email


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